Later in that issue, J'onn uses his all-purpose breath to return a favor.

Issue #9 reveals the previously undisclosed "Origin of The Justice League!" And what origin would be complete without a demonstion of extraterrestrial lungpower? Here, Flash feels his teammate's powerful Martian breath, even though he's been changed into wood!

Elsewhere in the issue, JJ does a super spit-take with a hydrant.

JLA #11: "One Hour to Doomsday!" The entire League unleashes their mighty abilities on their enemy, with the Martian and his lungs leading the charge.

Apparently, Martian breath works equally well on demons as on super-villains. But wait -- What's he saying in that second panel? "Hera help me?" Believe it or not, the bald, bare-chested figure in the panels below is actually Wonder Woman in disguise! And she knows, if you're gonna imitate the Martian Manhunter, super-breath is a necessary part of the package.

Here, Wonder Woman reveals her trade secret. It's easy when you know the trick.

Issue #12, "The Last Case of The Justice League!" -- Well, that's the title, but obviously there was some hyperbole going on there. Here, we see the real Martian Manhunter showing the real Wonder Woman how it's done.

Conventional wisdom says that fire is a Martian's only weakness, but here in JLA #15, "Challenge of The Untouchable Aliens," an enemy finally figures out where to put the hurt on J'onn so it'll do some good: Plug up the hole!

In the final story of the volume, "Cavern of Deadly Spheres (JLA#16)," JJ pulls off a spectacular 3-part breath stunt to get himself and his pals out of a dance.

And finally, one more shot of breath to free his comrades from the latest death trap:

Kudos to J'onn J'onzz, mouth-breather extraordinaire!